the future of education VIDEO:  a short clip from the film " Most Likely to Succeed"      "We screened this film in the spring with our staff and the staff at CLMS. It is fantastic. It's the instructional model we are striving toward." - Dr. Bergren

order accutane from india ARTICLE: " Why We Should Be Designing Our Schools The Same Way We Design Today’s Offices"

Project Zero:

Center for Educational Leadership:

Government-2020: Trends in Education

The Future of Education:

MindShift - How We Will Learn:

VIDEO:  The Global One Room Schoolhouse: John Seely Brown

VIDEO:  The Future of Learning

VIDEO:  Future Learning: A Mini Documentary (Khan Academy)

VIDEO:  A Day Made of Glass - 2015

VIDEO:  Alliance for Excellence Education’s What Does Deeper Learning Look Like? -

VIDEO:  The 21st Century Learner

VIDEO:  How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

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