The Game Plan

The following is a framework for the proposed scope of work – a collaboration among RRMM Architects, BrainSpaces, PAMS, and Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS).  Additional detail will be a natural evolution of this plan to accommodate schedules, activities and active participation.  A framework for the process is included below.


Planning Process Framework

Step 1:  Sukuta Preparations - Setting the Stage, getting to know your current practices, initiatives and given parameters;

Step 2:  aggravatingly Visioning - Understanding what’s important, what’s possible, and what you aspire to be;

Step 3: Synthesis (a: quantitative) - Translating Vision into Spatial Parameters, exploring how the facility supports your vision; Synthesis (b: organizational) - Organizing your Spatial Parameters, including building and site components;

Step 4:  Educational Specifications – Documenting the planning and design guidelines for the middle school facility;

Step 5:  Design collaboration - Designing to Support your Vision (Answering the question: “What would it look like if we really meant it?”); Promoting optimal implementation of the educational specifications.